Jesse Bercowetz

The unruly artwork of Jesse Bercowetz is born out of a dark rural sensibility and is completely entrenched in the contemporary American psyche. His work is often fashioned through trial and error into material metaphor and holds no allegiance to any one process or genre. Bercowetz is committed to a non-market driven collaborative process and fostering interdependence through radical art making.

Image to the Left: "This Corpse and Not That Corpse" in collaboration with Andy Braddock

Recent News:

Comp Magazine interviewed me.

My experience with the Famous “Vomit Cure” at Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand.

An illustration I did for a short story by Caren Beilin

I illustrated the cover for Americans, Guests or Us by Caren Beilen.
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Check out my Ilustrations in the Book Buddha Style.
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