Jesse Bercowetz

Jesse Bercowetz Press

"...Powerful incitements to utopian desire."

"It's a work that ... speaks to the compulsion and revulsion of faith and hubris."
- LA Weekly

"…these works maintain a credible degree of obstreperousness".
-The New York Times

"Bercowetz’s snarky subersiveness.... evokes ...a sort of pirates utopia in its own right".

"…a brilliantly unsettling work of parody and paranoia…".
-Art Review

"…A fine job of creating a horror-vacui sense of unease.
-The New Yorker

"'s like an Alexander Calder sculpture crossed with a tree from a haunted forest, after a flood."
-LA Weekly

"... evoked the futuristic farming of human skin".

“The Pale Memory of Man” takes over the gallery with the vibrant force of displacement."

"They might steal the show..."
-The New York Times