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“…The volatile forms of Jesse Bercowetz’s art—from room-size installations to handheld objects, done solo or in collaboration—throb with personal obsessions hauled from the flickering corners of his mind’s eye, gathered into inchoate physicality and then fashioned through trial and error into material metaphor: a “darkness visible,” as Milton wrote of the fires of hell, but not one that serves “only to discover sights of woe.”

These images are instead riddled with absurdist ambiguities, swinging from nihilism to hilarity as dramatically as they shift in physical scale and appearance. Their bulked-up, unwieldy shapes, stuck together with d.i.y. cable and epoxy, are dredged from the heavy-metal precipitates of science fiction, religious cults, Saturday morning cartoons and the sweep of art history. Components are combined and lopped off, colors change, mass-media images are pasted on only to be torn off or painted over, and entire structures are routinely demolished….”
- Thomas Micchelli